• Request a quotation

  • The Scanned Cube will contact you for a site visit to assess the area to be scanned

  • Receive the quotation after a site visit

  • Accept the quotation and secure booking with 50% deposit

  • The Scanned Cube will contact you to arrange convenient time for the scan

  • The Scanned Cube will now execute the scan as per your request

  • Allow 3 days for Matterport rendering

  • Settle the final payment

  • Receive a link to showcase and download all requested information

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Your final product is an online digital file that is stored on the Matterport space.


The file is hosted for 6 months and can be extended at R250/year.


To be able to view your file, copy and paste the link into any web browser. This can be done on PC or MAC. Remember you must be online to view the scan using this method.


The Matterport 3D Showcase online web player will now automatically download your scan for viewing 


You can view your scan offline on an iPhone or iPad by downloading the 3D showcase app.

NOTE: The application for offline viewing is not supported by PC or Android.